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Is there any way to communicate in English and/or by email?

I'm stuck in the process of opening my account. I'm not able to find any email address where I can send description of my situation, problem and supporting documents. What are the best digital ways (not phone or physical mail or physically going to the office) to communicate with OB in English?



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Hi Andrey,
Orange Bank is restricted to French tax resident. Therefore that makes sense the support is only in French language (Should I try opening a bank account in a bank dedicated to US citizens, I guess I will not get support in French!)
You can try sending a mail to but this box is not monitored as priority, especially if your mail address is not recognized by OB as from one of their clients.

you are going to open a french account with a french contract. You Should to speak french.
the mail adress is you can find this adress on their website...

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